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The Ogura Racing Clutch (ORC) Light Series kit is a perfect upgrade from stock with light modifications on the car. With a complete assembly designed to work with each other, the lightened flywheel provides immediate throttle response and crisp transmission engagement. The single plate design allows for consistent response with increased torque capacity, transmission to the wheels with maximum friction and zero slippage, while organic discs ensure consistent performance similar to a stock clutch.


Features of ORC Light Series:

  • Pressure plate provides sporty feeling with better disc grab, allowing for crisp engagement/disengagement and improving shift feeling. 

  • Organic discs provide engagement and drivability similar to stock.

  • Noise reduction design eliminates clutch chatter.

  • Available with two types of pressure plate: STD and HP. HP increase torque holding capacity of clutch kit.

  • Lightweight flywheel improves engine throttle response.


ORC-400L-TT1213 Specs:

  • ZC6/ZN6 2012+ w/ FA20/4U-GSE manual transmission
  • Single plate design solid disc
  • Approximate torque capacity: 390N-m / 40 kgf-m / 286 lb-ft
  • Push type mechanism
  • Genuine clutch release bearing needed (not included in box)
  • Genuine pilot bushing needed (not included in box)
  • Genuine flywheel bolts needed (not included in box)


About ORC:

Ogura Racing Clutch is the performance division of Ogura Clutch Co., Ltd, one of the biggest makers of genuine OE clutch assemblies in the world. With over 80 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Ogura has introduced its world-class technology into performance clutch products.


Please note that the pictures are of most ORC single plate Light Clutch kits. Vehicle-specific differences are usually limited to the flywheel bolt pattern (to the crankshaft), as well as the flywheel teeth pattern for the starter.

ORC Light Series 400 Single Plate Clutch - Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86/Scion FR-S

SKU: ORC-400L-TT1213
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