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**above pictures show Legalis R Evo for S13. The S14 exhaust is identical in appearance, except the location of the hangers are different and the exhaust piping is slightly longer overall. 


Fujitsubo Giken Kogyo Co. has manufacturing excellence spanning 8 decades. As a large supplier of OE exhaust systems for most of the major brands in Japan, all Fujitsubo exhaust systems are designed and manufactured in Susono City at the base of Mt. Fuji


The Legalis R series of sports exhaust systems provides a timeless design, stainless steel construction, and good power increase in midrange along with a sporty street sound for normal and light tuned vehicles. Meeting all safety standards and JASMA certified, it is 100% street legal in Japan and is an ideal upgrade for street tuned cars worldwide.


The Legalis R Evo for Nissan S14 will fit to all models of the car utilizing the factory downpipe location. It will fit to any S14 with factory KA24 or JDM CA18/SR20. The Legalis R Evo is designed for factory or aftermarket turbocharged engines and utilizes a larger 76.3mm exhaust piping for better flow. For nonturbo applications it may be louder. 


Key features of this exhaust include:

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • 76.3mm piping diameter
  • 117mm exhaust tip diameter
  • 14.1kg/31lbs weight
  • Meets JASMA requirements for street legal exhaust in Japan


*Please note that this exhaust may require special order lead time of 45-60 days, if it is not in stock. 

Fujitsubo Legalis R Evolution catback exhaust system 76mm piping - S14 240SX

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