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If you are looking for a refresh of your stock manual 240SX components, or want to do a 5-speed conversion from automatic, this will be most of what you need to complete the swap. 


Sure, you can buy used, but the bracket is thin sheet metal (that may have metal fatigue from usage over the years), and the pedal arm itself has a plastic sleeve where the fulcrum pin goes that is not sold separately. 


Change this now, and never think about it again for 10+ years...


This set includes the following:


  • 1x 46550-70F05
  • 1x 46540-70F00
  • 1x 46560-50A01
  • 1x 46534-35F10
  • 1x 46571-35F05
  • 1x 08915-14000
  • 1x 08911-34000


Not included with this are some of the smaller items, such as 1x 46123-H850A (clevis pin to clutch master cylinder), 1x 00923-10810 (pin for clevis pin), 1x 46532-89900 (rubber stopper), 1x 01121-06561 (bolt for bracket to firewall), 2x 08911-1082G (nut for clutch master cylinder to bracket), and a couple of other items. Listed the other part numbers for your convenience.



Genuine Nissan S14 LHD clutch pedal set

SKU: S14-MT-pedal
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