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These are no longer available from Nissan as of Q2 2021. Orders will not be fulfilled unless otherwise noted in this description. 


Description –
Genuine OEM Nissan parts are hard to find for older cars such as the Nissan 240SX, especially rare parts for the overseas-only S13 Silvia. Nissan has long discontinued many of the parts for the S13 chassis, but Corellian Corporation has been able to source some rare parts.
These are brand new, genuine OEM Nissan front metal fenders for the 1989-1993 S13 Silvia. These are not replicas, nor are they old stock. They are brand new production of genuine fenders, just like if you were buying them new from a Nissan dealer.
These fenders are only sold as a pair. The sales price includes truck freight shipping within the continental USA. If you wish to pick up from our store, please email us separately.


4/8/20 - 7 sets on hand

**DISCONTINUED** NISSAN front metal fenders for the 1989-1993 S13 Silvia

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