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This is a reproduction of the accent stripe kit found on the S13 180SX/200SX/240SX/Silvia sold around the world. 


The vinyl kit is made from original 3M ControlTac Graphic Film 180 Series using an approved 3M Platinum producer. Features of the vinyl printing include:

  • Tru-Matte over laminate for matching sheen to original stripe, as well as protection of printed colors
  • Micro Comply adhesive feature - allows easy install of vinyl, easy lift when initially placing decal for alignment, full adhesion once full pressure is applied
  • Satin aluminum color 180mc-120
  • Technical info about the vinyl can be found here: 3M Product Bulletin 180


This kit includes all accent stripes and will fit to the following vehicles:

  • S13 180SX/200SX/240SX zenki 
  • S13 180SX/200SX/240SX chuki
  • S13 180SX kouki (front bumper pieces are not used)
  • S13 Silvia aero bumper (+$20, extra pair of P7/D7 stripes are included, cut to fit the front aero bumper)


The kit itself includes all stripes for the vehicle, a total of 15 sections (7 driver, 7 passenger, 1 front bumper). Additionally, an additional P5/D5 (driver/passenger rear quarter stripe, behind door but in front of rear wheel well) with optional lettering of your choice is included in the cost of the kit. Please make your selection below.


All models of this kit require trimming of the vinyl where the bumpers meet the fenders/body. 

S13 180SX/240SX/Silvia factory accent stripe kit

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